Song List


Written & Produced by Mavenne, copyright 2018


Living, living in denial 

I’m the judge of my own trial 

O the time is ticking, ticking on my sun-dial 

One a.m., it’s getting late 

Can’t accept the twisted fate 

O we bend before we, before we break 

Every second into a day 

We’re here for a minute then whisked off away 

They say I’m young but so was everyone 

Why must it all leave too soon 

Here I am panicking in my room 

Why is there the world to lose 

Should I call it a foe or a friend 

Why must all come to an end 

Why must time have to catch me 

Wish this life could be everlasting 


Hold my hand so I’m not scared 

Better safe than unprepared 

Don’t say how the story ends 

I’m all too well aware 

I try my best to be unafraid 

God help me feel you before it’s too late 


See the sand at the bottom of the hourglass 

I can’t stand to see the present become the past


Beating Drum

Written By: Mavenne & Matt Bronleewe, Copyright 2016
Produced by Matt Bronleewe. Mixed & mastered by Sean Moffitt.

V.1: I hear the rup-a-bup-bum 
of the beating drum (oh) 
I’ll fight on the battlefield 
’til the war is won, war is won 
I hear the hum-a-hum-hum 
Of the voice above (oh) 
I’ll fight on the battlefield 
’Til the war is won, war is won 

Pre-chorus: Above the clouds, there’s hidden sunshine 
Beyond the mountains you’ll find it 

Chorus: Oh, we’ll fly over valleys on eagles’ wings 
And we’ll find new horizons 
Oh, when we see the rising sun, the war is won 
And we’ll hear the beating drum 

V.2: I wish my life was blue 
Like a summer sky (oh) 
I’m too afraid to show 
That it’s grey on the inside 
All alone I’m stranded on a misted island (oh) 
Is there someone out there who will find me? 


(Vocal interlude) 


The Bad Guy


The Bad Guy 

Written By: Mavenne & Matt Bronleewe, Copyright 2016
Produced By Matt Bronleewe. Mixed & Mastered by Sean Moffit 

V. 1: I can’t look in your eyes 
while you’re sitting next to me 
my face hides ’neath my hands 
so afraid, can barely breathe 
swallowing fear down hard 
trying to calm my breaking heart 

Chorus: Like I’m the bad guy; I’m the bad guy 
while you’re gazing in to her bright eyes 
I’m the lonely one, I’m the lonely one 
while she gets the love of millions 
The kindled flame we used to share, 
How could I say it’s no longer there? 
Like I’m the bad guy, I’m the bad guy 
while you’re gazing into her bright eyes 
Final chorus: Like I’m the bad guy, like I’m the bad guy 
All I ever do is wonder why… 

V.2: It wasn’t just a chance 
that we were meant to be. 
overheard someone say 
that you’re just too shy to talk to me 
Different yet the same 
’cause our fears locked us away 


Bridge: Memories fade away in the vapor 
as I slowly become just a stranger 
It goes on and on and on and on 
What did I do wrong?